Текст песни Joe Budden - Playing Our Part

[Intro]Mic, mic, micYeah we good nowTurn the vocals down a little bit, just a little bitI want it loud [Verse 1]Here's my moment of clarityI've been misleadin' you all, givin' you half of meI've been blazin' a trail and leavin' casualtiesI've diagnosed myself, I think it's apathySo lettin' go became easy, grabbin' ahold, that's the hardestI know our expiration date soon as we start itYou come around and you feel safe while you're a targetYou feelin' like I let you inside, while I'm guardedIt's genius when arrogance seems like it's modestLook past the insanity, glance at the logicAppears optional, all of it is stipulatedWatch and learn how emotions get manipulatedNow you in dire need of helpYou the victim, made to think you did it to yourselfSpeakin' of, rest in peace Sandra BlandI'm believin' everything that wasn't on that camBut back to you, beauty, let me address our lil' movement

You in therapy but I don't see the improvementOh whatever's been made now days is ruinedSo every few months I ponder what the fuck are we doin'Let me watch my words againYou easily got one of the best pussies that I've ever been inserted inYou real kind, real sweet, real nurturin'Yet every time we link back up, you just get hurt againYou put all men in a box, I ain't one of 'emFunny how you got all the answers and none of 'emYou only dated three men so I'm scared of youCause with no point of reference, what the fuck are you comparin' to?You good one minute, psycho the nextNo longer lettin' it ride, too much Jekyll and HydeThen you subtweet some weeks, busy settin' your prideI'm grown, don't really need that sort of mess in my lifeBut wait, you of age, you old tooI control my emotions, yours control youYou bright enough to know when you get impulsiveFor me, that's repulsive, how do you not know this?And then we go our separate waysJust to link back on better daysThough I know it's short term and you never stayYou always a sucker for that text that say [Pre-Hook]
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