Текст песни Joe Cocker - Across from midnight

It’s come down to just the two of us Me and my shadow on the wall Radio playin’ softly Somewhere down the hall And over in the next room The hollow sound of the cigarette come I’m sittin’ across from midnight And morning is a long way off There’s a fire in the trashcan In the alley below A thousand others gather ’round Sipping wine and talking low We’re companions of the night time We’ve got no place to go Just sitting across from midnight Time dragging by too slow You can feel the night when you’re all alone There’s comfort in the room You keep hangin’ on You wait until the dawn, oh yeah The skeletons in the closet March around like habitué I guess it’s too much to ask for I need some breathing room And the tall city buildings They cover up the moon I’m sitting across from midnight Bored and you can’t come to soon The early morning hours Bring out the darkness of your thoughts When you sit across from midnight Morning’s a long way off, so far away Sitting across from midnight It’s gettin’ dark Sitting across from midnight Me and the shadow on the wall Sitting across from midnight Morning’s such a long way off You know I’m sitting across from midnight
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