Текст песни Joe Cocker - Angeline

Lost in the sound of the city Like a shadow in the rain Memories come back to haunt me And I still feel the pain Some days are better than the others But the nights remain I sit and watch the dawn breaking And I whisper your name Angeline, you walked away And I face another day alone Angeline, there's no answer when I call But somehow through it all, I'm hanging on I know, I should have seen it coming But it's hard to face the truth And reality hits me in the face I'm lost without you Angeline, how can I survive Without you in my life anymore Angeline, there's no much I want to say And I've got to find a way to let you know Words left unspoken And hearts are broken in two Try to gather up of the pieces Of these broken dreams But goodbye echoes in this lonely room Like a silent scream Angeline, how can I give you up When I still feel your touch on my skin Angeline, it tears me up inside to know That I may never feel that way again Angeline, girl you walked away Angeline, I cannot face another day without your lovin' Angeline, how can I survive without your love Angeline, I call you.
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