Текст песни Joe Cocker - The great divide

Nights are long And the wind is howling down Into the hollows Somewhere deep inside I can hear you calling out Across the great divide Right or wrong there's a feeling in my heart I try to follow But lately i just hide And my dream of someday crawling out To cross this great divide Isolation Heart like a drum And the beating is wearing me down Standing at the station But the train never comes Still I'm hanging on Like some old ghost town Miles to go but I see that one way out Stars in the distance Skies are open wide Waiting for my soul to rise Above this great divide Desperation Is a dangerous blade In a reckless and trembling hand Sweet salvation Just a thin line away I should cut and run But I'll make my stand Nights are long But I'll close my eyes again Until tomorrow Slip the bonds and ride Touch the face I long to see Above this great divide We'll be all We long to be Beyond this great divide
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