Текст песни Jon Bellion - Halloween

[Intro]One, twoOne, two, three, quatro[Verse 1]See I need an excuse to call a couple buddiesAnd you need an excuse to dress a little sluttyYou could be my Nicki, we could ditch like Summer JamYou could be my Alice, treat Manhattan like it's WonderlandTransporter, Jason Statham, in my brother's vanGive money to the bums, I'm trick-or-treating with a couple grandWhen I kick a dirty verse, get the dirty hearseCause I can be October, baby you could be the 31st[Hook]Oh, ho, hoWe'll kill the night no suspectsOh, ho, hoYou're Marilyn and I'm James DeanOh, ho, ho

Dance like a stripper named CandyOh, ho, hoTreat every night like it's Halloween[Verse 2]Go, Go, YeahehehYou could be Rihanna, I could be the rude boyYou're the desperate housewife while I could be the pool boyIf you tryna jerk then I could be a New BoyYou could be the pitbull and I could be the chew toy, woof!Garbage man, janitor, mop it upI'm be Seth Rogen, I'll pretend to knock you upTreat me like I'm King James, heat it up, Wade and 'emTreat you like I'm Rocky, I'mma beat it up, Adrian[Hook][Bridge]Treat every night like it's Halloween, oh, ho, ho (3x)[Hook]
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