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[Verse 1: Roc Marciano] You already know how we came up I'm saying it was a real pain in the butt (Ow) If it's paper to touch, we may just cut you, scraping it up Get your trachea cut and then escape in a truck Smudge a lady makeup, bang the trey-eighty, wake the baby up I just came for the weight like a gymnasium I'm finna spray everything in my radius Lately, my skin been looking radiant The Mercedes is eighties sent I have three sixes in my fate like Damien I'd die before I let the jakes take me in Babe, we everything we say we is (Facts) My stable of women couldn't fit in the stadium They sayin' me and Jon Bellion, we some aliens And durags had us looking like Saudi Arabians Your wave miscellaneous, we some ladies men It's Roc, Marcberg be the alias Now let's begin [Verse 2: Jon Bellion] Was never focused on gettin' bigger, just gettin' better That's why I keep gettin' bigger after every record Said I got lucky, the last record that y'all was blessed with Watch me give you sequels, I'm Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon I let the talent speak volumes, that's why there's different levels I stopped the flexin' on socials, corny shit to impress you You get too famous, then everything in your life is stressful There's a big difference 'tween being known and being successful Great grandfather, an immigrant from the Naples district Dirty Guinea crew in the cut, call that the true incision My wife thicker than liquor soaked in Italian biscuits Cookin' minestron' every Sunday, call that a superstition I left LA just to cook in Brooklyn, the winter's reaper I sleep in Timbs and a Yankee fitted, that's just for leisure I'm really better than everybody pretends to be So ask the label now, why the fuck would I want an urban feature? "I love the song and we really wanna know how you made it" Or I could keep all you wondering how we been creatin' It's annoying when cameras catchin' your every statement And I've had enough of these corny artists that replicate it Champagne supernovas destroy the morning glory I'd rather build an oasis sober and thrive at 40 Don't get me wrong, I've been celebrating the life before me But I see the wisdom in moderation for certain stories When you're afraid to hurt feelings, you water down the worth I'm done pretending your record's great and I'm down to work Plus, I'll be actress and mixed with sociopaths And when I'm worried about being famous for being down to earth I spoke with Yahweh, he told me Jesus grafted us in Which means my brother's my brother, it don't matter the skin America needs to watch how they treat His chosen people But that's for deeper than surface records, now let's begin [Chorus: RZA & B.Keyz] Now let's begin Yeah, yeah-yeah Yeah, uh Now let's begin [Verse 3: B.Keyz] Uh, foot on the gas, foot on your neck, uh One mashin', other gasping for a breath I'm unclasped, capital punishment blast backwards You tumblin', trash rappers who mumblin' for respect I'm uncheckable, wide open, the foul technical Go full press, I still glide like Clyde Drexler do I'm done testin' two times over, I'll get the best of you Better pay attention, two eyes open wide when I execute And I been waiting so long that you asked for this Try to give me your table scraps, I'ma give you my ass to kiss I won't even wait for the dap, you'll get faded right after this A masochist who ready to face the masses like Catholics, uh And you can tell the whole school I'm prepped for the glory In the presence of your professor, attendance is mandatory With a weapon, freshman semester, you test the mess, it get gory I'm just here to kill the game, let the messenger tell the story [Chorus: RZA] Now let's begin Now let's begin [Outro: Travis Mendes] Arms in the sky, I'm feeling angel high Funk got me sanctified (Funk got me sanctified) Swim to the light, come save your soul tonight Funk got me sanctified (Uh-huh, oh) Funk got me sanctified (Sanctified, oh oh) Funk got me sanctified (Oh, oh) Arms in the sky, I'm feeling angel high (Arms in the sky, I'm feeling) Funk got me sanctified (Funk got me sanctified) Swim to the light, come save your soul tonight Funk got me sanctified (Oh)
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