Текст песни Jon Bellion - SomethingToRelaxTo

[Intro]Everybody's mad, extra, all the timeI think we need more tracks like thisThis is "Something to Relax to."[Hook](5x)Something to relax toSomething, something to relax to-ooSomething to relax toSomething, something to, (relax, relax)[Verse 1]Indian style on top of a waterfall flowHad my whole life in front of me, watched it all goSmoothly on top of the chartsWas me all up in my dropBut then my dream level poppedIt seems life is always different when we open our eyes

This song goes out to anybody trying to get byBut it's constantly low, so you gotta stay highIf this could help you with your issues, then I need you to vibeI don't really care for the tough guy imageI'm pretty sure a mother, who is spent but has givenEverything to her children, three jobs just for livingDoesn't really give a if I get mad womenSkaters to the gangsters, punks to the prepsEverybody's got issues and for that I'll repDon't usually spit but this is something I'll rap toEgo at the door and this is something to relax to[Hook](5x)[Outro]Whoa-oo-oh, oh-oo-ohWhoa, oh, ohWhoa, oh-oo-oh (4x)
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