Текст песни Jose James - Love

Many dream and many promise,Many look for what we knew,Many ask for something honest,Loving hard with someone new.And love only thing that's promised to my heart,The only thing that's hard to embrace,Only thing that make life worth living,Seems love is here to stay.I remember the first timeLove touched my heart,Memory of that day,Delicate touch,Long, long skin,Breeze sang softly,And I tremble beneath your touch.As I trembleLove escape,Where is my love?Where can I find your embrace?Peace of mind is not promised.Second time I found loveWant familiar,Blue night and new dawn,Something going down but my friend said,“Don't love again! Don't you love again!”But my heart said,“You'll love and you'll always love,Love or you'll neverLove another.”

You're addicted to her touch and her warm voice,Love and downDelicate touch,Long, long skin,My heart sang softly, and we escape.Where will love leave me now?I don't wanna hurt again but it,Feels so good to know,Nothing is promised,You don't own love.You see, that love has the powerTo take my heart and soulTo a place of beauty,To a place of love,To a place of inspiration.Only love will gather you,Only love will bring you to the place of vision,The place where you can see it,Where you can dream it,Where you can beat all your trouble, oh, yes,Only love.With the sweet touch of love in your heartYou can fly,Don't say no to love,Love has its wisdom,Yes, and love only thing that's promised in my heart,Only thing that's harder to erase,Only thing that make life worth living,Seems love is here to stay,Love is here to stay.
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