Текст песни Kanye West - Breathe in Breathe Out

[Chorus: Ludacris] Yeah, breathe in, breathe out, If ya iced up, pull ya sleeves out, Push a big truck, pull ya keys out, Girls go wild and pull ya D's out. Breathe in, breathe out, Let them hoes fight, pull her weave out, If a nigga act up, pull a Desert E's out, When I pull the piece out, niggas like, “Peace out!” [Verse 1:] Golly, more of that bullshit ice rap, I got to ‘pologize to Mos and Kweli, prolly, But is it cool to rap about gold. If I told the world I copped it from Ghana and Mali? Mali! First nigga with a Benz and a backpack, Ice chain, Carti lens, and a knapsack, Always said if I rapped I'd say something significant But now I'm rappin' ‘bout money, hoes, and rims again. And it's still about the Benjamins, Big faced hundreds and whatever other synonyms, Strippers named Cinnamon, More chips than Pentium. Whatcha gon' buy next? Whatever new trend it is. I'm tryin' to spend my stacks, And I'm so broke I look back like, “Damn, was I on crack?” I mean twelve platinum chains, was I on that? What the hell was wrong with me, dog? Sing along with me, y'all. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Now even though I went to college and dropped out of school quick, I always had a Ph.D. – a Pretty Huge Dick. Ladies tired of gettin' ripped off by guys like this, And givin' head is like a whale that's usin' a toothpick. Well, I'm in the club for a limited time, Act now and get some action for free.99, Later on I might charge for ménage. Heard her man was the boss of the floss, But she still want to toss me the drawers, And it ain't gon' cost me because she my caddy, ‘Cause she grabbed my golf balls in the club. And I'm still actin' calm than a mug, She asked, “Can you drive me in the hundreds where my Altima was?” While we drive she tellin' me ‘bout problems with her man, Baby, I fully understand, Let me help you with a plan: While he trickin' off, don't get no rich nigga, Give me some head, that'll really piss ‘im off! [Chorus] [Verse 3:] I blow past low class niggas with no cash In the four dot six, bitch, you can go ask. So when I go fast popo just laugh, Right until I run out of gas or till I go crash. Whatever comes first, I'm prepared for the worst, Whatever comes second, I'll be there with my weapon. Pullin' up in the 'lexeses, one on both hand, So I guess them G's was ambidextrous. Coulda sworn her breasteses was sendin' me messages, “K, I need a free hand mammogram, I got weed, drink, and a Handicam All of which is legal in Amsterdam.” So say my name like Candyman, And I'ma come and fix you up like the handyman. But if you don't need a fix, girl, you gotta leave, You can't take that all at one time, ya gotta breathe. [Chorus] [Outro:] And you say “Chi city!”
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