Текст песни Kanye West - Workout Plan

–Ay, wassup, girl?–Hey, girl! –Hey, how you doin'?–Ay, you know, I finally got my shit together been watchin' that workout plan, girl!–Well, you lookin' all good'n stuff. You got you a...–Girl, I know it's that workout.–Got you a six-pack Shakur'n stuff?–Don't say it!

–My nigga, my nigga, I'm tired of puttin' 1-8-7 in my niggas pager, that shit ain't workin' no more.–Girl, you know, I'ma video hofesional now. Girl, since I copped this new workout plan my shit is right, rollin' in Lexus, Acruas, everything, girl!–Girl, you need to let me know where I can cop, that how much is it?–Girl, you know, you ain't gotta pay nuttin' around me, I'm the bootleg queen. I'll give it to you for free.99.–Free.99!!!–That's my dawg, you always lookin' out for us.–My nigga, now I can throw away my bus pass and shit. Oh my God!–Oh shit!
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