Текст песни Kayak - Frozen flame

She holds you in her sweet embraceDivine and fragrant, IntoxicatingThe promise of lifeWatching the world with an innocent soulMoving so gentlyAs if dancing with GodShe comes and wears a different dressWith each season changing, colours cascadingIn a fountain of lightTouches the heart but never is what you've seenOr am I mistakenIs she more than a dreamWithing a dream

Morning tells its cruel taleThe winds have changed, at last the tide is turningHer breath becomes a dying galeHer voice a lonely echo in our earsShe planned her trick, her foul deceitWe all knew the endingThe snake and the appleJust two pawns in her gameNo moral no choiceBetween sinner and saintAshes to ashes, only leaving a name,A frozen flame
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