Текст песни Kayak - If you really need me now

Hiding my temper Your rudeness amazes me so I won't surrender To feelings I'd better not show Hardships I must endure Don't ask me to go Oh I'm sad at heart and insecure But I can't let you know I'm feeling deeply touched by what you've done And I hope you see we've gone too far But what's the use of confrontation The way things are I'll bear the scar Sharpen my senses To set up a well-prepared scheme I can't bear this tension Must stop you from being so mean Struck by your killing glance Estranged from your love If only we could still be friends We've suffered enough Now we're bound together for all time Everything will turn out fine you'll see If you read these eyes that long to tell you Abide with me Confide in me Must I keep on pleading Baby no hard feelings If you really need me now Who am I to judge you Should have tried to trust you Guess I really need you now Can't we stop our silly row?
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