Текст песни Kayak - Phantom of the Night

A ship is setting course to sea She's carried by the wind A voyage unto mystery Once harbour lights have dimmed A valiant toy of the waves and the tide Sails in the night The sea has many tales to tell Of all the sunken ships But trident hearts conceal them well Where man will have no grip Laughing at legends the crew shows no fear Though fate is near The waves have taken what was theirs Ships went down, but no one cares So many sailors lay buried in the deep They'll no longer weep Have mercy on me Don't let the sea Swallow my life... They see the angry rollers that Are reaching up so high Her crew has gone, her sails are red The phantomship still flies On violent waves that are looming ahead Omen of death The harsh and unbelieving crew Suddenly realized all was true Just like the men who were buried in the deep They started to weep Have mercy on me Don't let the sea Swallow my life ... Million anonymous were drowned Taken down Into the realm of Neptune See how she weathers every gale In full sail Doomed were the ships that came in sight Of the Phantom of the Night ...
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