Текст песни Kayak - Ruthless queen

With a quivering voiceYou spoke the wordShadow came between us,Sharp as a swordGone is my gladnessAnd vanished my prideCause luck didn't stay on our sideLeaped in luxuryI cried for the moonBut the game is up,It all ended too soonAwakening came as a bolt from the blueAt last rumors seemed to be trueOh my ruthless queenYou are still the treasure of my dreamIt's the twinkle in your eyesThat took me by surpriseOh my ruthless queenI just can't acceptOur love has been

I bear you no malice —You'll show no remorseLove is dead and goneIt was no endless sourceYour sudden leave was theFinishing strokeConsidering everything brokePease don't tell meYou couldn't care lessWhile I feel like a ship in distressOh my ruthless queenI just can't acceptOur love has beenI can't bear to see you goBut it's all part of the showYou performLetting romance fadeLittle by littleOur love was precious but too brittle
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