Текст песни Kayak - Sad to say farewell

Say the wordJust one word that will force me to stayThat will keep me from running awaySome feelings have diedThey withered insidePlease say it's all rightChange your mind 'cause I long foryour touchCan't you see I still need you too muchWhy should we pretendIf love's reached the endUnless there's a chance to succeedMaking up, you and meIn a life so completeLove will soften all the pain

All those yearsWe have lived in a fool's paradiseSlowing drifting apart, telling liesA fairy tale loveBut not strong enoughTo call back this heart on the runFeeling lonely and blueWon't you give me a sign and thenI'll turn to youI know you'd want me toSad to say farewell to golden dreamsThough we went wrongStill to you my heart belongsHow can I forget all that has beenI'd love to stayBut alas my love — if leaving seemsto be the only way...
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