Текст песни Kayak - Worlds apart

Face to faceEye to eyeSoul to soulHeart to heartWe talk like strangers talkBut I know you just don't hear a word I sayWhen we touch when wemake loveI can feel your heart is miles and miles awayIs it my imaginationThe fear of losing youOh love your passion is fadingThere's nothing we can doWe're eye to eyeHeart to heartBut worlds apartWe still share the same brass bedBut our nights are getting colder every timeGone the love that we once had

And we know we've lost it somewhere down the lineI wonder am I mistakenThough the writing's on the wallThis crazy game that we're playingWhile we're heading for a fallWhen we're eye to eyeHeart to heartBut worlds apartCan't find a cure nor remedyBut it's clear that any fool can seeThat the ground beneath our feet is shakingI thought I was the only oneNow I guess I'm just the lonely oneOnly you can stop this heart from breakingRemember it's all yours for the takingFace to faceEye to eyeSoul to soulHeart to heart
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