Текст песни Kendrick Lamar - You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma Said)

[Intro]Study long, study wrong, niggaHey, y'all close that front door, ya'll let flies in this motherfuckerClose that door!My OG up in this motherfucker right nowMy pops man with the bottle in his hand, actin' a foolHey, hey, babe check it out, Imma tell you what my mama had said, she like:[Verse 1]I could spot you a mile awayI could see your insecurities written all on your faceSo predictable your words, I know what you gonna sayWho you foolin'? Oh, you assuming you can just come and hangWith the homies but your level of realness ain't the sameCircus acts only attract those that entertainSmall talk, we know that it's all talkWe live in the Laugh Factory every time they mention your name[Bridge]Askin', "where the hoes at?" to impress meAskin', "where the moneybags?" to impress meSay you got to burn your stash to impress meIt's all in your head, homieAskin' "where the plug at?" to impress meAskin' "where the juug at?" to impress meAskin' "where it's at?" only upsets meYou sound like the feds, homie[Hook] (x2)You ain't gotta lie to kick it, my niggaYou ain't gotta lie, you ain't gotta lie

You ain't gotta lie to kick it, my niggaYou ain't gotta try so hard[Verse 2]And the world don't respect you and the culture don't accept youBut you think it's all loveAnd the girls gon' neglect you once your parody is doneReputation can't protect you if you never had oneJealousy (complex), emotional (complex)Self-pity (complex), under oath (complex)The loudest one in the room, nigga, that's a complexLet me put it back in proper context[Hook] (x2)[Bridge][Verse 3]What do you got to offer?Tell me before you we off ya, put you deep in the coffinBeen allergic to talkin', been aversion to bullshitInstead of dreamin' the auction, tell me just who your boss isNiggas be fugazie, bitches be fugazieThis is for fugazie niggas and bitches who make habitual line babies, bless them little heartsYou can never persuade meYou can never relate me to him, to her, or that to themOr you, the truth you love to bendIn the back, in the bed, on the floor, that's your hoOn the couch, in the mouth, I'll be out, really thoughSo loud, rich niggas got low moneyAnd loud, broke niggas got no moneyThe irony behind it is so funnyAnd I seen it all this past yearPass on some advice we feel:[Hook]
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