Текст песни Kid Ink - Faster

[Hook:] Faster, faster, faster, faster [Verse 1:] Say you wanna live faster, faster, I got what you asked for All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom You ain't that shy, baby, don't be actin' bashful Hands all in it like I'm pickin' out a raffle Roll up, light a candle Shot after shot, never runnin' out of ammo We some wild animals, fuck what the time is Walk that line, you'll be up all night, bitch Hell nah, we ain't high yet Know I got that loud and you niggas sound quiet In this bitch deeper than a choir It's lookin' like your first time, baby Are you sure you wanna try it? [3x] [Hook:] Faster, faster, faster, faster [Verse 2:] Say you wanna live faster, faster, I got what you asked for All around the world, baby, hope you got your passports Goin' outta town, gotta leave in the early morn' I ain't even pack, all I need is a carry-on I know this sound very strong But I might just bring my Mary on Leave your friends, so depressing like a Mary song Still impressed by the suites at the Marriott Come and let me upgrade you Bad bitch sniffin' round, and she hit the nasal Girls gone wild, taking shots from the navel Somewhere overseas, man, my name's Mr. Navel Peace
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