Текст песни Kirin J Callinan - Big Enough

[Molly Lewis:](Whistle)[Verse 1: Alex Cameron]I've lived in lonely citiesI've crossed deserts on camel backAnd I've filled the halls of folklore with things I'd rather we forgetI could sweep you off the street so saying this is goddamn toughBut this town might be big enough...[Verse 2: Kirin J Callinan]See, I reckon what you're sayingBut this dog's run every courseI've roam without my boots onI've raced without my horseAnd then I ate my horse's meat straight from my horse's bones'Cause this dogMust roam alone[Verse 3: Alex Cameron & Kirin J Callinan]You could shoot me in the mountainsIn the cold fat rainWe could do it in the countrysideAs we walk the plainIt wouldn't give us any closureAll cowboys need to trustThat this town might be big enoughFor both of us[Molly Lewis:](Whistle)[Jimmy Barnes:](Human scream)[Verse 4: Kirin J Callinan & Alex Cameron]Well, I'd be a doggamn liar

If I said this ain't a lonely townAnd what I wouldn't giveTo have a friend aroundWe could trade in all our silver bulletsAnd buy a patch of dustThis town might just be big enoughFor all of us[Jimmy Barnes:](Human scream)[Outro: Alex Cameron & Kirin J. Callinan]Everybody!This town!This world!Are you big enough?From Australia to AmericaAnd Russia and ChinaAll of AsiaLet me outEurope and Great BritainOh CanadaIn Croatia and SerbiaKenya get it IndiaIt's serious in SyriaBelieve in us BoliviaWe're Ghana be big enoughFor Africa, South AfricaSouth Korea, North KoreaAlgeria, NigeriaAntarctica, Around the EquatorCuba, IndonesiaJamaica, we'll take yaTo Florida and catch you laterI'll catch you laterChristianity, Islam, JudaismLet me out
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