Текст песни Kiuas - Of Ancient Wounds

Once long ago, Guiding them across the open steppe On their land the sun god rose and set They ran and rode like the wind, Their hearts and future open wide As free children of the earth and sky [Chorus:] Brothers rise and greet the pagan sun So long forgotten in the darkness Now, praise the resurrected gods, Awakened from their age of silence Then the enemy arrived Bringing death and plague in their stride The shadow of the cross spread far and wide Now the destruction complete, Reign of old cultures obsolete Waiting for centuries to be reborn Just like the children of the plains So long ago, so far away Our forefathers shared the same forgotten pain But now the silence will end As the pagan sun rises again Our ancient wounds opened again Crying to the winds for revenge A 1000 lakes, A 1000 tears, Unspoken for a 1000 years Our scars have been buried deep inside Anger took so long to ignite And wash away the North Star's pain As the pagan sun rises again
Слова и текст песни Kiuas - Of Ancient Wounds принадлежит его авторам.

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