Текст песни Kiuas - Reformation (Wrath of the Old Gods)

From within the midst of the woods Sings a pipe with a mystic tune Whispering like an echo from beyond the ages Softly whistle the pipes of pan, From the golden age before man When wine and song flowed through the forest From a void beyond the stars, Through gateways left unguarded Now somewhat strange folk arriveth And of the prophecies once been told, The greatest now unfolds, As the gods of the ancient world Unite to reclaim their thrones! [Chorus:] As is told in a book of mine Constellations shift in the sky, A portal shall open in the heavens All lords of heathen might Will arrive side by side From Ukko to Chernobog and Ra, Marching through the stars they return to conquer "And from the depths of the abyss, An order will rise to be carried out by the heathen congregation." "Soon your powerless gods will be cast aside As the war drums pound under a red sky An ancient chill whispers the coming of a new way Dark shadows crawl to silence the cries of our easy prey" [Chorus:] With the keys to all ancient lore, Riding in on a 1000 storms, With the wrath they raise the fiercest of armies: Creatures of a sick diabolical breed The very spawn of demon's seed Clad in iron and shimmering steel, Bearing standards of fire, Dressed for war
Слова и текст песни Kiuas - Reformation (Wrath of the Old Gods) принадлежит его авторам.

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