Текст песни Kiuas - Until We Reach the Shore

The ship of life sets out on its course Sending out a challenge to the gods As the cold black sea waits silently We embark to find our destiny Left alone in the arms of fate The world sees and feels our every move With an open restless mind We leave the first shore behind Surrounded by the voices of the night We struggle on and try not to look behind Washed away by waves of love and hate To be swept around by the hands of fate Dark skies whip me with silver tears The night whispers secrets into my ears Winds blow cold across the raging sea Singing songs of what used to be Anxiously we embrace the storm (Until we reach the shore) Currents flow around me Carrying other souls just like me Drained of strength by the burning sun Frozen by fear of what's to come But one day this journey will greet death And the time will come to leave the deck Birth to death and shore to shore Maybe the journey will begin once more
Слова и текст песни Kiuas - Until We Reach the Shore принадлежит его авторам.

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