Текст песни Kodak Black - At The Cross

(Rippa on the beat, bitch)
All this life I’m livin’, all this life I’m livin’
Got me crazy, this shit got me crazy
(Let me hear it, let me hear it)

All this life I’m livin’ got me crazy
Why you drive the droptop when it’s rainin’?
How you put an O in front of the Range?
In a orange Rover, peel out, switchin’ lanes
All this gunpowder fuckin’ up my brain
Life done took a toll on me, it changed me
Got a ni**a walkin’ ’round here, actin’ strange
I left my birds at the cross and went to Haiti
Three crosses on my face, they wanna hang me
I tripple-crossed a nigga, yeah, I’m shady
Yeah, thеm ni**as can’t relate, ’cause thеy ain’t smart enough
Yeah, everythin’ I do, it be for all of us
Got a Zoe flag on the Maybach truck, bendin’ corners
Got too much money to be still jumpin’ out of Lamb’ Rovers
Too much shooters to be still jumpin’ out shootin’
I turned a Kodak moment to a whole movement
And you ni**as can’t get close to me, I’m inaccessible
Keep every conversation brief as an ethical
I left all my partners, because I out-grew them
I left all my problems and moved to Wyoming
They dropped by my eyes, they ain’t a tear, it’s a blood
Faced all of my fears even though I ain’t scared of nothin’
Earned everythin’ because I came from the slums
Can’t show me what’s the meanin’ to your love

Tell me while I’m still here, hittin’ the bottom feeders
Left my birds at the cross hair
But throwin’ cautions at the window
Ain’t no crossin’ ’bout business, I ain’t taking no more losses
Say Haitian boy Kodak, uh, I love my auntie, my niece
Run up in the projects, thuggin’ by the Chinese store
That was uncle, auntie and them, he might try to call them
Thirteen on the molly’s, tryna steal the violence
My mama couldn’t hold me, she sat me down to Mustang
My dad a droptop Toyota, felt just like a Corvette
Every bitch I stick my dick in, they said they wanna repeat

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