Текст песни Kovacs - My Love

Babe don't try to callMy heart is ticking And the show just won't waitIt's strange, You couldn't see it my way, Hey now go, I pray for you to fallThe spark has died And now you're just too lateA shame, You're knocking at the wrong gate, Hey go homeCome what may, I won't give awayMy love, Diamond rings and ChevroletsMy love, Aces high and cigarettesMy love, Faking all like HollywoodMy love, love, loveNo way you'll see me crawlLike a shark I'll be ripping you apart, And celebrate

With lots of champagne, You caught me on the wrong day, Now you knowCome what may, I won't give awayMy love, See me dancing in the rainMy love, No more whiskey and cocaineMy love, Ending all forbidden fruitMy love, love, loveAshes to ashes, dust to dustNo you can't amuse me, So leave you mustAshes to ashes, dust to dustIf the spell won't kill you, Your ego doesMy love, Diamond rings and ChevroletsMy love, No more tears and no regretsMy love, Time to lay the man to restMy love, love, love
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