Текст песни Kreator - Civilization Collapse

Let there be darknessLet there be blood tonightLet there be riotsCome start the fires tonightCan't you see our people have got no choice but to fight them back?Can't you see the change of consciousness demands a total attack?Total attackFinally they're swarming inA long forgotten youthThe cause of inequalityA paradise for fewSuperior, inferiorA vast insanityWhen justice is tyrannyAnarchy is breaking outDestruction marks their wayBurning temples turning intoDark crypts of decayThe mighty are the fallen nowThe weak are on the huntBattle on many frontsThere will be darkness

There will be blood tonightNow let the riots beginConvulsed by protestAt civilization collapseMonumental terrorSpreading like a pestilenceFrom suburbs to the centerOf colossal arroganceCascade of aggressionMerely harvest seeds of hateStorming the barricadesCities of inceptionBurn to ashes in one nightImperators crying at this grand historic sightEntering a death spiral tonight they see their fateDoomed to reincarnateThere will be darknessThere will be blood tonightSo let the riots beginA social unrestAt civilization collapse
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