Текст песни Krewella - Surrender the Throne

[Verse 1:]Can you hear the sirens?We're coming for your crownThere's fire on the horizonYour walls are crashing downWe came to break the silenceWe're knocking at your doorCause for every broken promiseIs a desperate cry for war[Chorus: 4x]Surrender the throne[Post-Chorus: 2x]Surrender the throne[Verse 2:]Are you in the shadows?Denial's chasing youThe truth is hard to swallowBut only for the fools

So look inside the mirrorAnd tell me what you seeA picture perfect heroBut you're no god to me[Chorus: 2x]Surrender the throne[Post-Chorus: 2x]Surrender the throne[Bridge:]ThroneSurrender the throneSurrender the throne[Chorus:]Surrender the throneSurrender the throneBack downSurrender the throneBack down
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