Текст песни LANY - Pink Skies

Thrift store fashion imperfect tattoosTaking showers minus shampooYou are my favorite everythingBeen telling girls that since I was 16Shut up I love you you're my best friend[Chorus]Get ya under pink skies I know exactly where we should go‘cause I love the way your green eyes mix with that Malibu indigoTalking under pink skies I think our hearts are starting to showThat it's better you and I under pink skies

Underwear I kinda care wanna look good for youBritish bomb you turn me on no matter what ya doYou are my favorite everythingBeen telling you that since 2015Shut up I love you you're my best friend[Chorus]We can work it out you and I are meant to be togetherThis is how it's supposed to feel I'm in love with how this feels[Chorus]
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