Текст песни Lil Peep - Another song

I remember when you used to hold me close and say you love me Now you actin like a ghost and that's okay, I know I'm ugly Now I'm swervin' in the Ghost and I'm okay, I'm gettin' money Now I'm switchin' up the coast, get out my way I stop for nothin' Give me some time and give me your patience Came in the game last month, fuck the game, I'm done Give me a sign and I'm gonna take it Whatever way I want

Bitch, I get paid up front I'm gettin' mine, so fuck all your placements Babyface, I'm done Fuck the place I'm from Don't hit my line and say somethin' basic If it ain't about the money Please don't waste no time Lookin' out the edge, and I'm picturin' the fall 'cause I don't want to break my legs and have to carry on If I carry on I'm gon' need some marijuana Put it in my bong, then I make another song
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