Текст песни Lil Peep - Haunt U

[Verse]My time is here and I'm makin' it clearOh, I love you, my dearBut I'm goin', I'm goneI might come back when the Benz all blackTen racks on my lapIf I don't relapse and I stay strongI could do anything I want toBump Lil Peep, when I die, I'mma haunt youI could live forever if I want toI could stop time, but I never wanna do that again

Nothin' worse than losin' a friendAnd the feelin' you get when everybody that you love ain't aroundI really gotta get away from this townI'm just waitin' for a wave and I'll drownSatan letting me downI just wanna help you see, you should run away from meBaby, I'm a drug and I don't wanna hurt youNo, I'm not gonna hurt you girl, not at allI ain't gonna set you freeAll you gonna get from meLittle bit a love and a little virtueIf I hurt you, I'll end it all
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