Текст песни Little Boots - Better In The Morning

[Intro] (x4)Do-do-do-do, do-do-doDo-do-do, do-do-do[Verse 1]Stars are drowning in the skyThey know that we are waitingMoon's [?] the sun goodbyeI guess I'll catch you laterPeople are just waking upBut I can't stop the yawningFasten up my coatIt's always better in the morning[Verse 2]Trying to remember but the night already fadesLost track of the timeI never meant to make you waitEven though you weren't aroundMy phone says you were calling

Try to shake it offIt's always better in the morning[Hook]It's always betterSo much better in the morningIt's always betterSo much better in the morning[Post-Hook]Make it better in the morningI hope we can still be friendMake it better in the morningCan we start over again[Verse 3]I can still hear music if I stop and close my eyesNo one seems to notice that the sky is turning whiteThink I'll take the long wayI know that I am stallingThere'll be trouble butIt's always better in the morning[Hook] + [Post-Hook][Hook] + [Intro] (x4)
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