Текст песни Little Mix - The End

Jesy:I can't keep breakingOh, with youYou messed with my heart, babeNow it's black and blue But love isn't fairAnd I swearThat this time All:This is the end Jade:And I can't keep lyingLying to myselfOoh I'm thinking you love me rightBut you never will It's too much to bear (Too much to bear)So I swear (This time I swear)That this timeThis is the end (I mean it baby) Leigh:Ooh All:Said I'm gonna leave but I'm never leavingNow I know that I really don't need youHad your funNow the party's done And you're back on the floor as I walk out the door

Boy, we're through All the tears I criedAll the lonely nightsBoy, I lost my mindBut now I'm sure Jade:Yeah I'm sure, now I'm sure Leigh:You can say all you want, but love isn't here any more Perrie:And I won't be missing, missing youAnd no one can love youThe way I used to do But love isn't fair (Love isn't fair)And I swear (This time I swear)That this timeThis is the end Jesy:I promise baby Leigh:This is the end Jade:You know it's the end Perrie:Woah this is the end
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