Текст песни Liza Minnelli - Lorelei

Back in the days of knights in armorThere once lived a lovely charmerSwimming in the RhineHer figure was divineShe had a yen for all the sailorsFishermen and gobs and whalersShe had a most immoral eyeThey called her LoreleiShe created quite a stirAnd I want to be like herI want to be like that gal on the riverWho sang her song to the ships passing byShe had the goods and how she could deliverThe Lorelei

She used to love in a strange kind of fashionWith lots of hey-ho-de-ho-hi-de-hiAnd I can guarantee I`m full of passionLike the LoreleiI'm treacherous, yeah-yeahOh, I just can't hold myself in checkI'm lecherous, yeah-yeahI want to bite my initials on a sailor's neckEach affair has a kick and a wallopFor what they crave, I can always supplyI want to be just like that other trollopThe LoreleiI want to be just like that other trollopThe Lorelei
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