Текст песни Lonely Island, The - Ashley Wednesday

[Verse 1]I landed in LondonAt a quarter to noonSo excited to see herTook a cab to her roomI know she's exquisiteSo I had to visitPushed my back to the front of the doorAnd you wouldn't believe what I saw[Chorus]Ashley WednesdayA spectacularly beautiful chickWith impeccable style and spectacular eyesWhen we met, both of our souls clicked like a plug in a socketAshley WednesdayOh you hit me like a tonne of bricksWith illuminous hair and your sturdy teethI want our hearts to be joined at the hip so to speak

[Verse 2]I gotta knowWhat is your stance on marriage?Girl I really gotta knowCause we never talk about itBut now I am proposingGet this girl some diamondsPlease freaking say yes girlI'm an American manThis is my native landBut for you I'd summer in EnglandBut I will not go to FranceOn that I take a standBut I hope you'll take my handBoth in life and marriageStep into my carriageWe'll park inside my garageAnd live inside my houseAs husband and wife
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