Текст песни Low Anthem, The - Lover Is Childlike

Meet me down by the whale watchMeet me down by the seaMeet me down at Coney IslandWe'll go out on the seaShe don't ask me no questions'Cause I don't cry no wolfBy the ruins of the ferris wheelSee her down in the surfYou might think she's Christ-likeBut my lover is childlike

See the fish swimmin' upstreamBack to the hillsWant no part in the whale watchIf you couldn't tellMy lover ain't Christ-likeBut my lover is childlikeShe don't care for countryIn her tatters and ragsAs the band plays the anthemShe whispers, "God hates flags"
Слова и текст песни Low Anthem, The - Lover Is Childlike принадлежит его авторам.

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