Текст песни Ludacris - Call Ya Bluff

[Verse 1]YeahAnything you wanna do I'm ready to do it, my nigga, just say soDon't say it on the record with your chest, go leave the booth and then go lay lowHiding behind your security detail, actin' like a femaleI done sold over 20 million records I could really give a FUCK about retailNow back to basicsBack to Adidas with the fat lacesBack to the Ac' where I'm riding to the track in the (?), get it straight nigga, no chasesAge ain't nothing but a number, Luda rapping like he just turned 24Any rapper wanna forget who I am every now and then I see I gotta let em knowYo must I remind youYou rap like something behind youGot paid, but your heart pump Kool AidCover Girl make up should have signed youBut it's never too late15 years, nigga, never too great4 years off getting Hollywood checks, but you want beef and you looking like steak[Hook]I see that liquor got you looseWhen you see me, nigga, say it like you said it in the boothI'll make you niggas loose a toothWhen you see me, nigga, say it like you said it in the boothFuck y'all niggas, I'm the truthWhen you see me, nigga, say it like you said it in the booth

Now I'm like, fuck calling a truceWhen you see me, nigga, say it like you said it in the booth[Verse 2]Never fuck with a nigga who got some kidsCause when you talk about meThen you talk about themThen I gotta come where you liveYou takin' food out they mouthNow I gotta put a fist in yoursI don't play about my hustleA nigga got all these acresAll my neighbors think I'm flipping them birdsNaw, but I be flipping these wordsAnything you hear me saying I could back upAnd you talking so tough on the micBut whenever you in sight, nigga, something don't add upPut your money where your mouth isWAIT, put a GAT where your blouse isYou think it's funny cus it's sunny where your house isBitch, I'll put my money ass boots where your couch is (Fuck yo couch)I live this shit, you know you do it just for show, niggaYou act as if Ludacris just came and took your ho, niggaYou's a ho, niggaYeah I said it twiceLet this be warning number two, motherfucker gonna roll the dice[Hook]
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