Текст песни Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega

[Intro:]We not asking mothafuckers to care about us,We just letting mothafuckas know we coming,It's real, it's a real mothafuckin' movement,Whether you like it or not,Whether you support it or not,It's a real mothafuckin' movement, man!It's Cleveland, man![Verse 1]I am the alpha omega, black flag swinger,Fuck a driveway, I'm in airplane hangers,Me and my gang poppin' champagne like playersFor all of them days with no lights and no cable.No one can save you, my city's fatal,Make it up out of it how can they hate you?C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-D's the greatEST,I'll light this bitch up, make it look like it's Vegas.We on, mufucka we on!The first one to blow since Bone,Thinking back when I had a back pack full of fat raps,Didn't no one wanna hear my song,Mufucka, y'all wrong, mufucka, y'all wrong!Made it and I never left home,Where I'm from enemies bust off their shells like King Koopa,Roll through these streets, come up gone like Bermuda,I'm just a boy in the hood like I'm Cuba,So soon as I moved out I bought me a Ruger,You come to my house, you blow loud as a tuba,I bring your bitch here, she'll go down like a scuba,All of y'all shits out of style like a scooter,Put all of y'all shits in the ditch like a sewer,Make all of y'all bow like my name is Anubis,Talk out your medulla, get hit with bazookas.[Hook:](Bitch!)I am the alpha, I am the omega.(What?)I am the alpha, I am the omega.(Ahh!)I am the alpha, I am the omega.(Ay!)I am the alpha, I am the omega.[Verse 2:]If you ain't living your life, then you're dead,And sleep is its cousin so I shot my bed,Paranoia got me using these meds,Now I'm Smokey as Chris on a Friday, like Craig,Retract that statement, I'm stoney as Fred.Evacuate when my homies get mad,You better pray to your God for a blessing

Before they make your world look like Armageddon.Knew I was trouble since I was 11,Ripped up my jeans and I bought me a leather,My friends saw me as a King like Coretta,My dad saw his son as a nuisance, a rebel, and (ahh!)My music sounds like the devil,Turn that shit off or get out of my temple,Right after that he'd go back to his Kettle One vodka,And drink it all up till he's mental.I have no issue, I am official,Let them come at me I practice Jiu Jitsu,Only fear two things with three letters, dawg:That's G-O-D, God and my fucking initials.Doctors called up to the news to report to them what they discovered,Said I'm the first of a species that they call a real muthafucka, (Kells!)And I'm sorry if you get a lot of hits from all my followers,If you acknowledge us in any other way then positive.But you shouldn't be hollering or talking about SupermanWhen you're living in Metropolis,And if you follow astronomy, I'm a Taurus,That means I don't give a fuck what you thought of me.I walk into an interview looking like a lobotomy,Flipping my middle finger at everybody who watching us, (uh!)Fuck that, bring the beat back,Kill this instrumental leave the body where the reef at,Nah, fuck that, where the keef at?Sprinkle a little bit on a quarter of my weed sack,Give me a minute, I took a hit, I'm tryna focus like astigmatism,My competition on my dick, they're like the zip on my denim,They want the heat I light em up like I put cigarettes in 'em.You bitch, what's your religion?I wanna know what God you're seeing in a couple of seconds.I wanna see the criticism bout my lyricismWhen I'm in your face rippin' this rhythm up like canabalism,It's Kells![Hook:](Bitch!)I am the alpha, I am the omega.(What?)I am the alpha, I am the omega.(Ahh!)I am the alpha, I am the omega.(Ay!)I am the alpha, I am the omega.[Outro:]I am the alpha omega, the fuck is you saying?I am the alpha omega, the fuck is you saying?I am the alpha omega, the fuck is you saying?EST run shit, you better quit playing!They start a war if you mention my name,I'm the alpha omega,Beginning and end.
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