Текст песни Machine Gun Kelly - Never Been Told

[Ezzy]I started hangin' with my older cousinNow my family callin' me a thugBut he the one that show me loveSo he the one that get my trustYeah, he the one that slangin' drugsEven I don't really give a fuckI think he just misunderstoodThat nigga really from the mudI'm tryna take him from the hoodSee, I'm tryna take him from the hoodI'm tryna give my niggas dotsYou in my way and I'm surprisedI drop up them potDrop buyers been lieDrop top feels rightSince a boy I been stylin'Every time I get to ballin'My mama always get to bawlingShe says she think I got a problemShe think that I'ma workaholicOr what ever you wanna call itI just be livin' in the momentIt costs a lot for DecarnesBut I can't cop 'em in my coffinI swear I do it way too oftenI run it up and run amuckYou can't defeat the one on oneEspecially not one on oneMic strike like lightningBright night white lightingNiggas really like bitingNiggas really Mike Tyson[Machine Gun Kelly]Aye, started blazin' rolling papersGettin' faded way before I was shavin'That must have been 7th grade thenWay back in aunties basementWay back when I was anxiousWay back catching casesLegal fees got me workin' hard tryna pay back daddy's savingsWhy they tell me be patientWhy they tell me be gracious

Why don't they acknowledge I did all this by myself I ain't need favorsGod damn I be gettin' highDoesn't mean I'm getting lazyTeachers teaching 'bout ReaganI'm tryna be Jay-ZOnly presidents in my residence all got green facesI don't put em in the banks neitherBet it all on racesSpades game throwing AcesCrib lookin' like VegasCleveland in my blood bitchThat shit ain't changin'Ipad, new playlistI'm that new favoriteEyes red like SatansRoll white like angelsI'm suited up like Frank wasSam Cooke, Sam DavisNow I'm tryna be the greatestThat's a motherfuckin' statementLimitations only for the fakersI can do whatever like a matrix18 with a baby on the way2 years later, major labelsDappin' Kobe like he know meFeet on the wood sittin' at the StaplesFace on the big screenRooting for my home team[Ezzy]All that sleepin' on meAnd you still ain't chasin' no dreamsAnd you crazy everybody tryna milk me still ain't gettin' no creamI only do my own thingI only want the whole thingMy flow is like a morphineI only want the morphinesI'm headed from the bottom to the top and I ain't stoppin'No, that is not a optionNiggas livin' like it's GothamThese niggas robbin' gotta watch 'emSick and tired of living out of fearSo they gon' hate me when I'm outta hereThey wonder how I do it all without a deal manThat's just how it is for real
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