Текст песни Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere

Nawfside coolin', shorty, yeah, that's where I stay,Heard you was a lame boy, get up out my face!And my ex keep callin', swear that she be in the way,And I need a thick redbone shorty where I lay.Bad bih in LA tell me that she'll make the trip,Shorty bad as hell, yeah, with them Kylie Jenner lips.Uber every-fuckin'-where, pre-rolls in my VIP,Canada jawn, yeah, I think that bitch from the 6.Shorty wanna kiss me, but I know she suckin' dick,Shorty wanna kiss me, but I know she suckin' dick,Look, Uber everywhere, pre-rolls in the VIP,Yeah, Uber everywhere, pre-rolls in my VIP,Aye, skrr skrr!Yeah, I wanna get the 'Rari, but I know it takes some tim, skrr skrr!Pre-roll, shorty, light it up, you know you fine,

Li'l 5 with my 5, and I'm rollin' up the gas,And I need my leg room, Bapestas, first class,East Atlanta jawn, Cook Out on Moreland Ave, skrr skrr!She say she bout that action but I think that I'mma pass.Shorty wanna fuck me but I know I got some top,Shorty wanna fuck me but I just got some top, skrr skrr!I can't fuck with ops, never stop, pull up in that juice box.Uber fuckin' everywhere!Uber everywhere, pre-rolls in my VIP, skrr skrr!Uber everywhere, pre-rolls in my VIP,And I think that bitch from Canada,I think she from the 6.Uber everywhere, pre-rolls in the VIP.Hey, hey, hey! Skrr skrr!Hey, hey, hey! Skrr skrr!Hey, hey, hey! Skrr skrr!Hey, hey, hey! Skrr skrr!
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