Текст песни Major Lazer - Too original

(feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell) [Intro] Ass move! Kingston massive, we ready? London massive, we ready? Trinidad massive, we ready? African massive, we ready! So [Verse 1: Elliphant] Imma blaze high till the day I die Sweat the shit out, every tear, every lie Hey! Anybody wanna dance with me? Sipping on my rum in the corner still (ah!) We a groove to the morning break Na we go banana ina suga shake Bring the base up, make a blasta block! Selecta gonna feed us with a well-cocked rock See me see me see me, I'm a bim see me swing Ting tangue swinging like a tingeling I'm a twang my body till the problems gone Drop baba juice, make it goddamn strong See me rocking out, going tribal style Dance like a chicken, flap tiger wild Ah! Flap tiger wild [Chorus: Jovi Rockwell] Too original fi dem pawdie Dem frighten all true dem saw mi Dance like a chicken flap tiger wild

[Verse 2: Elliphant] Come come closer tell a secret boy Dip you like a dumplin in a cup of soy Man a crispy don't mean to be ruff But I really can't stay naah, can't get enough Puff puff puff, and I'm back to di heat Loving it living 128 beat, hey! Naah shake your meat Enemy or friend is not an option, ah We all the same when we go dancing stars Simsalabim naah, I'm a norden gyal Bim bim sala, kicking dreadlock style Hunt the reflection from a disco ball Mayham rumble till I drop and fall Pump up bumble bee Swetty honey [Chorus: Jovi Rockwell] [Bridge: Jovi Rockwell] I just wanna shine Just like di-diamonds ina di sky And I really don't care I love to watch the smoke dance ina air [?] Whistle, whistling Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up [Outro] Dance like a chicken flap tiger wild [?] Major Lazer style I love to watch the smoke dance ina air
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