Текст песни Margaux Christie - Pearl*

I see you pearl When you lose a fight Oh I see you pearl Standing up you might win I'll see you pearl At the end you'll stay my heroine I see you pearl When the world ain't right for you My dear pearl I love the way you smile To anything you do pearl You know I'll be there When you need to I saw you pearl When the world was bigger To your eyes pearl With your little hands Trying to hold mine You know I'll stay By your side I see you learn Learn to walk and learn to talk My sweet pearl Don't grow old so fast Cause I need time pearl To see the world through My own eyes I'll see you pearl When the world is yours I'll be there pearl Holding your little hands I'm sure you'll leave mine But you know I'll stay by your side * /collections/ads.html Duracell Ultra Power, новогодняя 2018
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