Текст песни Marilyn Manson - Abuse, Part 2 (Confessions)

(Confessor): I was baby-sitting my little cousin. (Interrogator): Hmm. (Confessor): And his father has these... this little stash of those little women magazines and everything. And I made him... He's, like, really young, a little boy. (Interrogator): How old is he? (Confessor): Six, seven. Really tiny, and small, and innocent. (Interrogator): And? (Confessor): And he showed me the magazines, but they weren't really captivating. And then... (Interrogator): You okay? (Confessor): He played with his little innocent penis and I made him dance with me, and... (Interrogator): Did he get a hard-on? (Confessor): Somewhat, it's kinda possible. (Interrogator): How'd that make you feel? (Confessor): At the time... (Interrogator): Did you feel like he had done something wrong and did you like it? (Confessor): Both. I felt very powerful, actually... (Interrogator): What else did you do with him? (Confessor): I..orally gratified, uh whatever... (Interrogator): You sucked his dick? (Confessor): Yes. And... I just made him do things to me. (Interrogator): What did he do to you? Did you make him touch you or lick you or what did you do? (Confessor): I made him do all of those things. (Interrogator): Hmm!? (Confessor): I made him do all of those things. (Interrogator): You wanna be punished now? (Confessor): Mm-hmm. (Interrogator): Hmm? (Confessor): Mm-hmm. (Interrogator): Better get my belt. Interrogator slaps Confessor (Confessor): Ow...
Слова и текст песни Marilyn Manson - Abuse, Part 2 (Confessions) принадлежит его авторам.

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