Текст песни Marina and the Diamonds - Perfect-Oh

I drop onto my bed And the dust jumps up Too sad to turn my head 'Cause my heart's full up She's staying at your home, And she's sleeping in your bed I can't let you consider That you just don't care, oh oh Yeah! Every morning I wake up And I smoke a fine cigar - A habit I acquired in Barcelona Expectations are blessed When I'm given up to you Oh, I'm a perfectionist - I was hoping you were too (Perfectionist) Uh oh (Perfectionist) Oh oh Perfection-ion-ion-ion-ion Well, perhaps this is why I could not say goodbye 'Cause these rules I'm living by Don't apply to real life Tell me how am I meant to Keep my cheeks dry, Without pissing you off With that one word, one word? Why why why? Oh oh Why oh oh Why-y-y? Can't say these things to you So I have to sing 'em live. When I spit you get so angry So I'll take you by surprise Oh Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Together they cannot be! And that's the thing you had to deal with When you fell in love with Me uh oh Me oh oh oh Me oh oh oh Oh oh oh ohh You left me for a quick fix But you crawled back to your cot Thank fuck you didn't harm the spark in me I know it's all I've got! And I know that it sound cliché, But I know that it is true Oh, you rely on myself - I can't rely on You oh oh You oh oh ohhh You- You treat me like a trinket Keep me in a special box I'm not no polite treasure In the chest that time forgot Oh, you keep me in the dark, shining Make me feel so bad I feel you only loved me when you realised That i was all you ever had Uh oh P-p-p-perfect, oh Had, uh oh ohh Had, uh oh, ohh (Perfect oh) (Perfect oh!)
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