Текст песни Marina Maximilian - I Trust This Man

[Verse:] I'm standing alone In the middle of my process Here I couldn't go wrong When suddenly I notice I've become so strong That I even admit I could use somebody to love I stood on my own I deserve all the trophies I deserted sorrow And immediately I noticed Passion came with joy And I even admit I would love somebody to love me [Pre-Chorus:] I realize the souls unite And ask us to go out and find ourselves a partner I recognize and empathize with The adventurous naive girl drowning in hard core [Chorus:] I trust this man mother I trust his motivation It seems like the end mother It seems like the end of my searching I feel he's a true lover I think I'm accepting my new life of deep deep devotion. [The same verse, the same pre-chorus and the same-chorus]
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