Текст песни Mark Lanegan - Carnival

Where in the world have you been? It's as strange as I've ever lived So you're coming along to the sideshow I'll be falling all over like dominoes For girls this sad in their eyes They're all standing around being hypnotised Then walking me back to the firing line You smile to get in the door They can't keep it closed anymore Tell your ma that you're gone to the freakshow I'm crawling all over the carnival Just scratching a stitch in a skin And I'm moaning for more of the medicine In the morning you're wondering where you've been Just turning your back to the ghost And trying to look like you just might know That all of the good that you've seen Just went down and into the drain A kiss in the street is all for now In the morning I'm gonna find it on out What in the world can it be? It's a strange as I've ever seen The girls are dead in their eyes Just standing around like they're hypnotised Who'll follow me back to the freakshow? I'm crawling all over the carnival And I am home
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