Текст песни Mastodon - Sultan's Curse

Tired and lostNo one to trustWho is there to give the pushAll I have learnedStraighten the curveLike a circle to returnThe long embraceThe smell of dirt and rosesUnder the sunNo sign of breath or waterI fall asleep under blankets of starsIce hit you coldHeat of surpriseBending mind can't realizeFaith is in meEnd I can seeTears are strong as ten thousand tonguesMy sweet mirage

I bathe in sacred watersI kiss the skyFloating in sultan's daughtersMemories of loved ones are passing me byMemories of loved ones are passing me byOceans of sand and rustGive way and yield my wakeOceans of sand and rustGive way and yield my wakeThey're waiting insideThey're waiting to wash your eyes outTheir hands are aliveAlive with a fervent angerYour feet have been tied and your tongue in your handDeath of a thousand ravensYou're down on your kneesYou're blind as the Ancient KingdomRelive the ages of the moonReeling the water close to you
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