Текст песни McFly - Bubble Wrap

I wish I could bubblewrap my heart In case I fall and break apart I'm not God, I can't change the stars And I don't know if there's life on Mars But I know you hurt the people that You love and those who care for you Now I want nothing to do with the things You're going through. [Chorus:] This is the last time I give up this heart of mine I'm telling you that I'm A broken man who's finally realized You're standing in moonlight But you're black on the inside Who do you think you are to cry? This is goodbye... I'm a little dazed and confused But life's a bitch, and so are you All my days are turned into night 'Cause living without, without, without You in my life And you wrote the book On how to be a liar and lose all your friends Did I mean nothing at all? Was I just another ghost that's been in your bed? [Chorus] Yeah! Turn on the radio honey 'Cause every single sad song You'll be able to relate This one I dedicate, whoa Don't get all emotional baby You could never talk to me You're unable to communicate [Chorus] This is goodbuy...
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