Текст песни McFly - Corrupted

Crashing into walls, Banging on your door, So why'd you let me in? Falling through the floor, Diving in too deep, Underneath your skin. [Chorus:]So good you got to abuse it, So fast that sometimes you lose it, It cheers you up when you feed it, But everyone needs to eat, Am I too much for you? 'Cause you're too much for me, Still wanna be corrupted.

Let's convince ourselves it's all under control, A stone that we can break, But is this what we want? 'Cause might miss the hate,I know it feels so good, To make the same mistake (mistake, mistakes). [Chorus]Do you remember how it started? The fairytale got twisted and decayed, The innocence has all been broken, How did we get this way? [Chorus]
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