Текст песни Meek Mill - Energy

[Intro]Lickwood means "rewind", gunshot means "forward"You requested it so we rewindOmelly what's upSmall side one-eight BH we straightNorth side Burks what upPhilly![Verse]I got enemies got a lot of enemiesI don't really fuck with these niggas in the industryKnow a couple niggas from the hood want to finish meAnd put me on a t-shirt RIP and memorySo I'm riding around with a drum and a GlockOn the gram niggas said I couldn't come to my blockSo I came through that bitch me myself in a dropNiggas know they touch me bllllrrrrr something get droppedMan I don't bang with these suckers I don't play with no hoesI do the walk through for 60 and get like 80 a showAnd I don't got out no single I thinking maybe they knowMeek Milly realest to do it and I can play at the floor ya heardI got enemies got a lot of enemiesWe fucking to Dej Loaf me you and some HennessyShe gon' suck me off 'til she drain me of my energyFlexing, it be fucking with these niggas mentallyIs Instagram hurting your heart niggaVS stones on me still work in the dark niggaHundred and six shots pull up and park niggasJump in the big drop button to start nigga

Murder was the case that they gave us spanked itReal niggas back in style they should thank usAll these rap ass niggas really wankstersReal recognize the real you a strangerHoes sell their souls for some baller alertNiggas and they fake jewels need a frauding alertPut me on watch buster tell 'em all what its worthBet they say couple milli Audemar with the worksNew roll bust down call that Big MeechEvery time I drop shit hot fish greaseEvery time you drop it is not that heatCalled your album seven days boy that shit weakMotivating the hood still hot in the burbsStill getting this money they think we got them birdsEvery time I spit that's a thousand a wordSpoke it right to the system they say its power in wordsNigga we chosen we was chosenMe Omelly had them hoes in now its RollsesBack to back screaming told ya niggas owed usAnd they said they would expose us never showed usFuck them niggas thoughI got enemies got a lot of enemiesThey was just cooling with me hating call them frienemiesI ain't really tripping we got arms like a centipedeCause if I lose my cool I could turn them into memoriesI'm gone I said I'm goneBe the same niggas hating on the Chasers man we ain't put them onFuck them niggas though
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