Текст песни Megadeth - 1,320'

Grinding my teeth, White knuckles grasp at the wheel, I rush from an avalanche of adrenaline, It's all that I feel. As quick as a bolt of lightning, A rocket ride in a bucket seat, It doesn't get any better than this, It just feeds my need for speed. [Chorus]: Supercharged, Strapped in and screaming Fire spiting from the pipes. A burnout by the flame throwing fury 8,000 horses ignite, Full throttle, hit the ground running With a tank full of nitro And its 1,320' to go to the finish line. My hands hold tight, A fire breathing stampede, I fall into a trance, Hold my breath Till the light turns green. In a cloud of nitro methane, melting rubber, I say my prayers, Man and machine accelerate And I vanish in thin air. [Chorus].
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