Текст песни Megadeth - Guns, Drugs And Money

Drinking cold cerveza in a boiling hot saloon Chasing shots of tequila, just about high noon Outside Nuevo Laredo, Deep in no man's land Become a killer or be killed, Face down in the Rio Grande [Pre-Chorus]: Poverty will turn the life of any good man bad All love and mercy ever learned He'll soon forget what he had [Chorus]: Guns, drugs, and money Under the Mexican sky Guns, drugs, and money, Pick your poison or you die Guns, drugs, and money, A pistol pressed to his head Choose silver and you're rich, You die if you choose lead He had a suitcase full of money, Plenty of ammo for his gun The sweat rolls down his dirty face His plans have all come undone It's just a matter of time, No matter how he tries He hears “?Plata o plomo, gringo?” The last words before he dies [Pre-Chorus]. [Chorus]x2 Guns, drugs and money Guns, drugs and money
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